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  My Simonson Ancestors

   Barney Simonson Jr. b. 12 Sept 1774 NJ; d. 1 Sept 1847/48 Hamilton Co., OH, bur. Old Baptist Cem., Hamilton Co, OH; m. 18 Sept 1795 Essex Co., NJ by Minister of the Gospel of the Presbyterian Persuasion to Catherine Freeman b. 4 Apr 1775 NJ, d. 14 Apr 1863 Hamilton Co., OH, bur. Old Bapt. Church, Hamilton Co., OH.   Sources:  1812 Bounty Land Records; Will of Barney Simonson; Tombstone Records; 1881 History of Hamilton Co., OH.
Their children:
1.     Nancy Simonson b. 14 May 1798; d. 13 Dec 1818 Hamilton Co., OH
2.     Jesse Simonson b. 5 Feb 1800 Essex Co., NJ; m. Mary Russell
3.     Aaron Simonson b. 11 Mar 1802 Essex Co., NJ; d. 4 Aug 1850 
Hamilton Co., OH; m. Margaret Ann Passmore
4.     Catherine Simonson b. 23 Dec 1802; d. 11 Nov 1828 Hamilton Co., OH
5.     Barney Simonson b. 21 Dec 1808; d. 27 Nov 1889 Harrison, IN; m. Elizabeth Passmore
6.     Lavina/Livinia Simonson m. ___ Atkinson
7.     Eliza Simonson b. ca. 1814; d. 9 Feb 1890 Stark co., OH; m. Joseph Atherton
8.     Sarah Simonson b. ca. 1816; m. Milton Atherton
9.     Julia Ann Simonson m. James Rinice/Reinier/Rianer/Rionier
10.   William Simonson
11.   Charles Simonson b. 13 Oct 1816 Essex Co., NJ; d. 16 May 
1887 Hamilton Co., OH; m. Liscetta Baughman
I am attempting to prove that the following Barna Simonson is the father of my Barney Simonson b. 1774 Essex Co., NJ.   If not the father, then perhaps an uncle.   There is most definitely some connection.
     Barna Simonson b. ca. 1753, d. Feb. 19, 1819, aged 66 years according to Caldwell Presbyterian Churchyard Cemetery records, Caldwell, NJ - (will dated 2 April 1818, proved 2 Feb 1819 Essex Co., NJ) ; resided Caldwell, Essex Co., NY. Witnesses to will: Joseph Clark, Thomas Kinney, Asa Whitehead. Will mentions note of Peter Doremus. Wife, Elizabeth d. after husband.
     According to the Doremus Family of America p.35, "Thomas [Doremus] b. April 21, 1760; m. Elizabeth VanHouten (b. March 14, 1764, dau. of Cornelius and Marretje Van Giesen); she d. May 5, 1846. Thomas Doremus, jun., as he was called ... who was found dead having been killed by his gun going off accidently. He is interred in the ancient burying ground at Cedar Grove, beside his father and his grandfather. Administration was granted on his estate to his father, Thomas Doremus, sen., and his brother, Cornelius T. Doremus, who filed their inventory May 19, 1800.   His wid. m. 2d, Barent Simonson, Dec. 16, 1804; he d. Feb. 21, 1819."
     Essex Co., NJ Marriages (GMNJ-Vol.IX) Barrent Simonson m. Elizabeth Deremos 16 Dec 1804.
     In the Abstracts of Wills of NJ 1796-1800 (Vol. 9) the Will of Thomas Doremus Jr. of Caldwell Twp includes Fellowbondsmen Barna Simonson "all of said Co."
     In the Harlingen Reformed Church Records Barrent Simonson m. Elizabeth Deremos of Essex County.
Known children (Sources: Will dated 9 Feb 1818 and deed of 1838)
1.     John Simonson of Caldwell twp b. 11 Dec 1789, d. Apr. 9, 1828 aged 36y3m28d; m. Fanny Lines
        (Fanny's  will)
        1.     Barney/Barnabas Simonson m. Jan 1830 Presbyterian Church Records, Caldwell Twp to Mary/Maria Ellis - moved to Lima, NY by 1838
        2.     Anthony Simonson m. 16 Nov 1832 Presbyterian Church Records, Caldwell Twp to  Rhoda Sygler
                (Source: Presbyterian Church Records 1784-1828; Will of Rhoda Simonson dated 18 July 1877)
                Their children:
                1.     John Simonson
                2.     Isaac Simonson
                3.     George Simoson
                4.     Jesse Simonson
        3.     Isaac Simonson
        4.     Caroline Simonson m. 13 June 1834 Presbyterian Church Records, Caldwell Twp to Isaac VanEss
        5.     Jane Simonson m. Samuel DeHart
2.     Rachel Simonson; m. Isaac VanRiper
3.     Betsey Simonson; m. 19 Dec 1812 Presbyterian Church Records, Caldwell Twp to James VanGeison
4.     Peg Simonson; m. 17 Jan 1811 Presbyterian Church Records, Caldwell Twp to John Jacob's
5.     Poly Simonson; m. Richard Jacob's

Some Documentation for my research:
    Essex Co., NJ Deed Book "H": 20 Jan 1800 between Justice Semitones of Caldwell Twp in the Co. of Essex,  NJ and Peter T. Doremus of Twp, Co. and State aforesaid.  - land butted and bounded as follows - it being the one equal half of a certain lot of land which the said Justice Semis bought of Glossy Doremus, bought of Thomas Doremus Jun what contains 25 acres more or less by a deed of conveyance bearing date December 12, 1794... lying on the nE of said lot being on Pick mains River on the se of the land of Thomas Doremus. Signed by Jousts Semis and mark of Elizabeth Simonson. 17 Feb 1800 appeared John Benson one of the Judges in and for county of Bergen Justice Simonson and Elizabeth his wife the ... grantors ...
     [This is my ancestor, Barna/Barney Simonson and Catherine Freeman Simonson - they were still in Essex County in March of 1818 but appears they were selling and this may have been when they removed to Hamilton Co., OH] Essex Co., NJ Deed Book E2: Barna Sameness to Richard J. Jacob's. 23 Mar 1818 - Barna Semis Junior and Catherine his wife of the township of Caldwell in the Co. of Essex... and Richard J. Jacob's of the Twp of Caldwell...   All that tract of parcel of land and premises ... township of Caldwell... land formerly belonging to Thomas Doremus Senior, it being the no. corner of land formerly belonging to Cornelius T. Doremus, thence ... land formerly belonging to the said Thomas Doremus Senior... land formerly belonging to Benjamin Norwood ... it being the one half of a lot of land that Samuel Gould and John D. Jacob's bought of Zadock Baldwin and sold by Samuel Gould to Barna Semis Junior ... . Witness: David Hanson and Richard Gould - signed by Barney Semis Jr. and mark of Catherine Semis
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book K2: p.406. Barnabas Simonson and wife to Sarah Hall. 18 Aug 1818 between Barnabas Simonson and Elizabeth his wife of Caldwell twp of first part and Sarah Hall of twp of Bloomfield in county of Essex Co. and premises in Caldwell twp beginning in middle of old road leading from John Personets to the little falls in the line of Barnabas Simonsons Parker(?) lot... in line of the land Zadick Baldwin bought of Egbert Riggs ..            land lately belonging to Thomas Doremus .. Signed by Barnabas Simonson and mark of Elizabeth Simonson. Witnesses: Daniel Condit Senr and Benjamin Canfield.
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book O: p.319. Barnabas Simonson to David Allan.   7 Nov 1809 between Barnabas Simonson of twp of Caldwell of first part and David Allen of twp of Caldwell of second part... the said Barnabas Simonson and wife paid by David Allan .. bought of James Parker ... said Simonson sold to Ephraim T. VanNess... Signed by Barna Simonson
Essex Co. Deed Book P: p.360-361.  Barnabas Simonson to David Allen: 17 May 1809 between Barnabas Simonson and Elizabeth his wife of Caldwell of the first part and David Allen of Caldwell.. land being in Caldwell, beginning corner of Harman Bedlands land. to Christian Supeners(?) line.... corner of David Allens house.   Signed by Barna Simonson and Mark of Elizabeth Simonson.   Witnesses: Enos Martin and Fouche Simonson
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book K: p. 701, 702, 703.   Thomas Sandford and wife to Barnabas Simonson Jun.  4 Mar 1805 between Thomas Sandford and Dorcas his wife of the twp of Caldwell... of one part and Barnabas Simonson Jun of the co. of Essex of other part. tract of land in Caldwell twp... beginning in middle of road at Barnabas Simonson Jun no. corner opposite Thomas Sandford's house... to Henry Francisco's lien north to Daniel Beaches' corner.. to John Rushes line. signed by mark of Thomas and Dorcas Sandford.
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book B: p.681-682. Thomas VanRiper Jun and wife to Barnabas Simonson Jun. 14 Mar 1807 between Thomas VanRiper and Hetty his wife of Caldwell Twp of first part and Barnabas Simonson Jun of Caldwell Twp... lot of land which VanRiper bought of Verminas(?) bounded farm of John Ve??? .. lot in Henry Stagers line... and Poly Noes line... (rest of deed missing)
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book Q: Daniel Peer to Barnea Simonson: Daniel Peer and Margaret his wife of __quackhoning(?), county of Essex ... land situate in twp aforesaid between lot of Barnea Simonson afforsd and lot of John Jacob's ... by deed from Sanl Peer to David ---. Dated 9 Jan 1790.   Signed Daniel Peer and mark of Margaret Peer.   Witnesses: Geo Huckle; John Portasman; Jacob B. Doremus; Philip Nila
Essex Co., NJ Book T: John Mourison and wife to Barney Simison Jun: 6 Mar 1811 between John Mourison and Mary his wife of Caldwell of first part and Barney Simison Jun of Caldwell ... Signed by John Mourison and Mary Mourison. Witnesses: Henry C. Bush and David Harrison
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book A5: p.346-347-348: Barney Simonson and wife and Fanny Simison to Benjamin Canfield: 25 Apr 1838 between Barney Simonson and Mary his wife of Genia(?) in county of Livingston, New York and Fanny Simonson of Caldwell of first part and Benjamin Canfield of Caldwell ... land in Caldwell in west side of Newark and Pompton Turnpike Road ... where said Benjamin Canfield now lives.. line of Isaac Jacob's .. land given to Barney Simonson by his father John Simonson ..Signed by Fanny Simonson, Barney Simonson, Mary Simonson.
Essex Co., NJ Deed Book E2, p.423, 424, 425. 30 May 1818 between Barna Simison Junior and Caty his wife of Caldwell of the first part and Cornelius N. Mandeville of Pequanac in Co. of Morris NJ of second part... linging in Twp of Caldwell ... Just lot of which said Barna Simonson Junior bought of Barna Simison Senr in the year 1800 as reference to deed, lying on the west side of the Mountain, beginning at south corner of lot of land which William Tucker conveyed to Benjamin Norwood... east to Garret Jacob's' line .. north to John D. Jacob's' line... west to the beginning corner
"The Doremus Family in America 1687-1987 Revised Edition Based on The Doremus Family History in America by William Nelson (1897). Revised, Edited and Supplemented by Edith Whitcraft Eberhart, 10906 Fleetwood Dr., Beltsville, MD 20705"
61. Thomas (4) Doremus, Jr. (Thomas (3)(2), Cornelis (1), was b. 21 Apr. 1760 prob. at Cedar Grove, Essex County, N.J., son of Capt. Thomas (3) Doremus [21], and his wife, Sarah Sandford; m. Elizabeth VanHouten (b. 14 Mar 1764), dau. of Cornelius VanHouten and Marretje VanGiesen). Thomas Doremus, Jr. as he was called went out hunting ... found dead, having been killed by his gun going off accidentally.  He is believed to have met his death about 15 Dec 1799. He is interred in the ancient burying ground at Cedar Grove. beside his father and his grandfather. Administration was granted on his estate to his father, Thomas Doremus, Sr. and his brother, Cornelius T. Doremus, who filed their inventory 19 May 1800. His wid. m. 2d, Barent Simonson, 16 Dec. 1804; he d. 21 Feb 1819. She d. 8 May 1846. Thomas and Elizabeth Doremus had five children: Marretye Doremus b. 1788; Corenelius Doremus b. 1791; Daniel Doremus b. 1794; Sarah Doremus; Elisabeth Doremus.
"Descendants of Roelof VanHouten of 1638 by Herbert S. Ackerman. Ridgewood, NJ 1945"
5-24 Elizabeth VanHouten b. Mar 14, 1764, bapt. Apr 8, 1764 Totowa, NJ, d. May 8, 1846; m/1: Thomas Doremus Jr., son of Golyin Doremus and Elizabeth Young b. Apr. 21, 1760, d. Dec. 15, 1799, bur. Cedar Grove Burying Ground.   Children: Marretye b. 1788 - m. Jeptha Crane; Cornelius m. Sarah Harrison; Daniel; Sarah; Elisabeth m. Aaron Baldwin.  Elizabeth VanHouten m/2: Dec 16, 1804 to Barend Simonsen. Died: Feb. 21, 1819.
Will of Fanny Simonson of Twp of Caldwell:
Daughter - Jane DeHart, wife of Samuel DeHart
friend - Stephen Personett of Verona
Witnessed: William Scott and S. Alice Personett both of Verona

      Know all men by these presents that I Simeon Crane of the Township of Caldwell in the county of Essex and State of New Jersey for the sum of two hundred & fifty dollars in hand paid have & do bargain and sell to Bernard Simonson of the same place his Executors administrators and assigns forever a certain Negro named Pero to have & to hold to him his Executors administrators & Assigns of which Negro Boy named Perio I have put the sd Bernard Simonson in full possession by actually delivering the said Perio to him at the sealing & delivering of these presents and I do warrant & will defend the said Bernard Simonson in the peaceable possesion of the said Negro boy named Pero against me and all persons whatever in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this ninth day of May in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and three.
      Sealed & Delivered in the Presense of Teunis (his mark) Speer and John Simonson. Signed by Simeon Crane.
[The original Slave Document is owned by Janet Woolington Simonson, 8 Oxford, Irvin, CA 92715. She shared this with me in 1987.     I believe this is the father of my ancestor, #32 on my Ahnentafel Chart, Barney Simonson.   I know my Barney Simonson was in Caldwell Twp, Essex Co., NJ.    It is possible that this is actually Barney, rather than his father, but I don't think so.   If anyone can add to this, please let me know.]

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